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-Why Low-carbon Economy?-


     Human civilization has experienced three stages of primitive civilization, agricultural civilization, and industrial civilization. People have been using natural resources and ecological environment to serve their own survival and development. Especially since the Industrial Revolution, human beings have entered the era of large-scale energy consumption by replacing human resources with machines and replacing manual production by individuals with large-scale industrialized production. Since the industrial revolution, the foundation of human development has been the use of energy, especially fossil fuels. Economic development and energy consumption can almost equate. As a result, resource problems, energy problems, and ecological problems have arisen from scratch, from small to large, and from local to global. How to examine the adverse effects of economic development, focus on resolving more and more severe problems of resources and environment, and take the path of development in which people and nature live in harmony has become a hot topic worldwide.
       Global warming and the depletion of energy have become major challenges that are irreversible and restrict human development in the short term. However, one can not stop pursuing economic progress and realizing the sustainable development of human society. Driven by these subjective and objective factors. All walks of life are beginning to reflect on today's economic development mode and attempt to find a way of sustainable development. Against this background, a low-carbon economy has emerged.


---About Us---

       We are low-carbon technology enterprises from all the states of China, amalgamating public welfare Association formed by environmental protection public welfare associations and research groups in schools. We firmly believe that the realization of environmental protection will not be based on local public welfare activities or environmental slogans but on the basis of an economic system that brings real economic benefits to the public. Only by bringing real economic benefits to society can the country's environmental protection goal be fully realized. All of our activities are almost free.

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